To quote "The Cycle of Time"...

I've tried blogging before, but my output was never what I would call "prolific" -- after an initial burst of enthusiasm, updates dropped to somewhere between "rare" and "never."

All this has happened before, and all this will happen again.

However as I finish my education, I find myself more frequently feeling the urge to document things that I'm doing. Case in point: I'm regularly (more often than Windows even) using Linux again.

As I've re-mastered the world of command line terminals and text config files, I've had a number of "fun" experiences troubleshooting (and sometimes brute forcing) my way through problems. Linux was always my preferred development platform, and while coming back has illustrated how it has grown in some fantastic and noteworthy directions, Linux remains frustratingly unchanged in many other ways.

I've had similar adventures setting up and configuring integrated development environments and learning new tools for software development and debugging. How I both love and loathe Eclipse! I'm also frequently distracted by little side projects (RetroPie!) that would be fun to write about. And then of course there's my neverending geek lust over new technology and gadgets. Lastly, I have to acknowledge that my daughter will probably creep her way into some posts... she just does too much cute stuff to not talk about!

So all these things to write about. I haven't queued up a backlog of posts to try and jump start this thing, but I have these (and a number of other) ideas jotted down in Google Keep. Although -- since I've actually got the webhost up and running (and Ghost is pretty nifty) -- I could actually just dump my list into new post titles and then fill in the bodies with content later... I'll have to think about that.

So, hooray new endeavors!

Note: I did not build the very impressive BSG Lego model above. Go check out its creator!

And I'll leave you with this: